Create a SMAL MNA from PNAs

Upload a scaffold PPIN and at least two PNAs together with their corresponding PPINs.

Labels (up to 8 alphanumeric characters) may be specified for the PPINs. They will be appended to each protein from the corresponding PPIN for easier manual review and association in an additional, separate version of the alignment files.

Scaffold PPIN

optional label:

PNA and corresponding PPIN files

Upload multiple files at once

Filename conventions for multiple file-upload:
Extensions ".pna" and ".pin" for PNA and PPIN files respectively.
First 8 alphanumeric characters of the .pin filenames will be used as labels in the alignment file.

Alternatively upload files one-by-one and assign labels manually.

PNA: "Scaffold <- PPIN"PPINoptional label