This implementation of SMAL is described in:

  • J. Dohrmann and R. Singh, "The SMAL web server: global multiple network alignment from pairwise alignments",
    Bioinformatics, Vol. 32 (21), pp. 3330-3332, 2016. (Corresponding author R. Singh) [PDF]
    Please cite this paper when you use the software in your research.

The theoretical background and algorithm of SMAL is detailed in:

  • J. Dohrmann, J. Puchin, and R. Singh, "Global Multiple Network Alignment by Combining Pairwise Network Alignments",
    BMC Bioinformatics, Vol. 16, (Suppl 13):S11, 2015. (Corresponding author R. Singh) [PDF]

For questions around this software, please contact Jakob Dohrmann (jakob-email) and Rahul Singh (rahul-email).